My Baby is All Grown Up!

Wow has this past week ever been eventful! Let’s see, my husband’s parents arrived last week on Wednesday and had dinner with Jeff. I was at youth group and got home just in time to meet them at the door as they were heading over to their motel. Thursday, we went to Mackinaw City and […]

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Graduation is Upon Us-Where to get Graduation Gifts

My baby is graduating this year. It’s kind of weird when your last child graduates from high school. Sadness hasn’t hit me yet, but probably will when she walks across the stage to receive her diploma. Or no, I know when it will definitely hit. She attends a small charter school which focuses on the […]

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My Son Graduated from High School!

Yesterday was an exciting day. My son, Kaleb, graduated from high school. He is so happy and we are very proud of him. He was diagnosed with ADHD when he was little and has always struggled in school. He’s gotten better as he’s gotten older, but still had a hard time getting along with others […]

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Another Graduate

My niece, Kara is graduating from high school as well this year. As you can see in the pics below, she has a baby girl, therefore she attended a school for teen mothers. We’re so proud of Kara and her accomplishment, and so I wanted to share the excitement with you all. We are having […]

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