Day 2 to the New Me

If you’re wondering why I am counting today as Day 2 instead of yesterday, it’s because on Sunday’s I have a celebration day (or as some may call it, a cheat day). And I also want to clarify that I misspoke when I said I was going low-carb. The kind of eating lifestyle I’m actually following would more accurately be labeled as wheat free.

I’m basically going to be following an almost gluten free diet as well. I’m just beginning this and learning along the way, so forgive me if my terms aren’t exactly correct.

I know I need to cut out the wheat and probably the gluten too. My oldest daughter has been following a non-dairy, gluten free diet due to ulcerative colitis and she is loving the results. In addition to the healthier digestive system, her skin is also clearing up and she is losing some weight. I don’t have any intestinal problems (that are apparent, that is) or any skin problems, but I definitely want to be healthier and I do believe a healthy gut is important to overall health.

With all that being said, here is my update for today. 🙂



  • 2 cups black coffee


  • Orange chicken salad from Applebee’s (lunch size)
  • French onion soup from Applebee’s (lunch size)
  • Water with lemon


  • Cabbage rolls filled with veggies
  • Au gratin potatoes with green chilies
  • Chicken casserole with veggies


  • 1 glass Sangria
  • 1 small apple

I feel pretty good about my food choices today, except for not eating breakfast. I need to get better at that. I get in such a hurry in the morning sometimes I don’t take time to eat.

Mom made dinner and everything was veggie-licious! At lunch I had small portions and though I could have ordered another helping of the salad and soup, I didn’t because I was no longer hungry but wasn’t stuffed.

I’m trying to learn not to eat until I’m stuffed, but instead stop as soon the hunger subsides. Doing this often leads to feeling hungry sooner, so that’s when I’m trying to reach for an apple, orange, or some nuts to tide me over until my next meal.

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