Budgeting Progess

We’ve been budgeting going on 3 months now, and I must say it’s getting better and easier. The first 2 months were a huge adjustment, and I continually tweak it, but it is going pretty well. There were a couple of weeks that we came really close to running out of money for gas, but I’ve figured out just about what we spend between the truck and the car for the two week period, so I know how much to put in our ‘gas’ envelope.

Now our biggest issue is figuring out places where we can cut back so we can get our $1000 emergency fund saved. The only problem is, is that we have to get new tires on the car ASAP because winter is upon us and the tires on the car are BALD. I’m going to try to budget new tires in this pay period.

I find it’s easier to budget every two weeks than it is monthly. I think it’s just the way my brain works. I might eventually be able to get to where I budget on a monthly basis, but the way I’m doing it now works…it’s best to stick with what works.

We also need a new PC for the house. The one we have is going on 10 years old and has issues. With Brandon taking Photoshop and web development classes, it would be nice for him to have a decent computer at home. Plus, it would be nice for Jeff to have something to go to as well. The local computer store has a couple of really nice PC’s for $150. They’re like new, refurbished Dell’s. It doesn’t include the monitor, keyboard or mouse, but you can get those pretty inexpensively now too.

Other things on our prayer list are new vehicles. We are paying off the van that got totaled which will be paid off in March, then the truck, but it won’t be paid off until October, 2011.  The Camry had 234,000 miles on it and is dying a slow death. It has an oil leak, but Praise God it still runs pretty good. The air conditioner doesn’t work any more and it’s possible the heater core is going out because it doesn’t seem to get as warm as it should. The truck is all banged up on the outside, but the engine seems to be in good shape. But, it’s a gas hog. As much as we drive back and forth to Gaylord to work and to church, it would be nice to have 2 vehicles which get good gas mileage…plus that just makes more sense. But, we can’t sell the truck and get what we owe out of it…so we will just have to keep plugging along, and keep praying that God holds them both together for us until they are paid off. We can always hope and pray for a miracle too, because God does do that sometimes too 🙂

Anyway, that’s the update for now. Just wanted to throw my thoughts and prayers out there. How are you doing budgeting? Do you have any tips, tricks or suggestions?

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