Keegan Andrew Stefanic’s Birth Story

Many of you have been waiting to read the birth story of my newest grandchild, Keegan Andrew Stefanic, so here it is….finally…

Last Saturday morning around 5:30am, my cell phone lit up on my nightstand. I didn’t even have to wait for it to ring…I knew if I was getting a call at 5:30 in the morning it was most likely my daughter calling to tell me she was in labor. And as all expecting Nana’s do, I answered the phone, “Are you in labor?” My daughter responded calmly, “Yes. I’ve been up since 3:00 and now my contractions are getting stronger and closer together. Can you and Jeff drive here because D & N (her inlaws) went downstate.” (D & N were supposed to watch her two older boys when she went to the hospital.) I said, “Sure. We will be there as fast as we can.” So, I got up, and went into my other daughter, Karlie’s room and woke her up and told her Trisha was in labor. It took her a few seconds to realize what I was saying, but as soon as she comprehended it, she quickly got up. I hopped in the shower first just to wash my hair and body quickly. Then Karlie got in. I quickly got dressed and Jeff skipped the shower and was dressed and ready to go. We were waiting for Karlie, so I went upstairs to see what in the heck she was doing…she was blow drying her hair!!! I said, in a not so pleasant tone, “What are you doing? We have to go! Trisha has been in labor since 3:00, we need to go now!!!” She replied, “I’m just blow drying my bangs or they’ll be funky!”.

Finally by about 5:50 we were on the road to Trisha’s house. She lives about 23 minutes from us, so when we were about half way there, I texted Trisha to tell her we would be there in about 10 minutes. When we arrived at her house, Ben (her hubby) was outside putting their things in the van. Jeff, Karlie and I went inside. Trisha was in the bathroom and I, as all good mothers would do, made sure she wasn’t delivering the baby in the toilet! She wasn’t. As a matter of fact, she asked if someone could switch her laundry! Of course I obliged.

When she came out, Ben tried to help her put her jacket on, but she was leaning against the stove and said, “I can’t do that right now!” Yep, she was having a contraction. When it was done, Ben, Trisha, Karlie and I got in the van, leaving Jeff with the sleeping boys. It was now about 6:30am.

Trisha chose to see a great doctor in Charlevoix…Charlevoix is about an hour and 15 minutes drive from Gaylord. When the trip begins, Trisha is having contractions about 5 minutes apart and she is able to talk calmly between them. By the time we’re on M-32 heading toward East Jordan (about 15 minutes into the trip) her contractions are now 2 or 3 minutes apart and getting stronger. At this point she stopped talking between the contractions and asked who knew how to breathe. (This being her third baby, they didn’t take birthing classes). Going from memory, I had her breathe deeply and slowly in through her nose and out through her mouth. That lasted for about 10 or 15 minutes. Her contractions were getting stronger so we switched to the hee-hee-hooo breaths. I stopped at one point, thinking she had it, but just as soon as I did, she said, “Mom, breathe!”.

At some point along the way I tried to call her doctor, but only got her answering service. So then, we decided to call the hospital to let them know we were on our way and that it was going to be close. As we were driving through East Jordan, Trisha started saying things like “I can’t do this!!!” and “We’re not gonna make it”. And somewhere in there, she said, “It burns!”. I knew things were progressing along quite fast, but didn’t realize how fast!

About 5 or 10 minutes after she said “It burns” the first time, she hit the car door with her fist and said, “I can’t do this!!!!” Ben and I said, “Yes you can!!!” There were also some more, “We’re not gonna make it” in there too! Ben and I being the optimistic (and nervous) ones, said “Yes we are!!!”.

Wouldn’t you know it! Trisha was right!!! As we were passing Castle Farms just outside of Charlevoix, I believe that was when her water broke and she exclaimed “My water just broke and it burns!!!” I knew he was coming for sure! The next thing I knew, Trisha got real quite and I could see her hoisting herself up off the seat. I asked, “Trisha, you’re not pushing are you?!” Silence….

“I think his head is out”, is the next thing I heard Trisha say in an oddly calm voice. So I unbuckled my seatbelt and peeked around the front seat and sure enough his head was out. At that same time, Ben shouted, “NO IT’S NOT!!!” “Yes it is” I confirmed! At this point we were passing the Holiday station in Charlevoix.

At some point, I don’t remember when, Karlie came forward and was practically between the two front seats. I decided we needed to call 911 because I didn’t know if we should pull over or keep going or what. I couldn’t get my phone to work so Karlie dialed it on her phone and handed it to me. I don’t remember this, I knew the baby was out and Karlie said Trisha was saying, “I need….I need….I need…” and Karlie yelled, “What do you need?!” “I need something to wrap my baby in” Trisha calmly replied. I remember taking my jacket off to and handing it to her while I was on the phone with 911 telling them my daughter just had her baby in the car! They asked where we were in relation to the hospital and I said we were just passing the courthouse. They said to keep going because we would get there sooner than they could and not to worry about the police because they were detained on something else. They also said they would call the hospital so they would know we were coming in with the baby being born. So, we flew through town to the hospital.

When we arrived at the hospital, the staff was waiting outside with a wheelchair and blankets and other gizmos. However, they never got the call that the baby had been born because they were all outside! So, when we opened the door and they saw the baby, the were all like, “OH!” I asked if they knew she had the baby and they said “No! We knew you were coming in, but we didn’t know she had the baby.” So, acting very quickly, they cut the cord and clamped it, wrapped the baby up, gave me a blanket to wrap up in since I had given the baby mine, Trisha’s doctor took the baby into the nursery and they wheeled Trisha up to a room. In the mean time, after the baby was taken, Ben went around to the front of the van and fell to his knees. We were all so shaken up!

I got the keys from Ben and parked the van while they all went in the hospital. I was then escorted by a very friendly attendant to the room where Trisha was. I got to see her deliver the placenta (gross I know). The doctor gave me and Trisha’s sister in law (who arrived just minutes after we did) a quick lesson on the placenta. It was quite interesting actually. She said it was very healthy.

After that, I went to the nursery to see the baby. I had gotten a quick glimpse of him in the van just before they whisked him away and knew he looked like Ethan (their oldest child). He was all bathed and weighed and everything. We were trying to determine the time of birth, and knew that we arrived at the hospital at 7:19am (according to the clock in the van). We determined he was born about 2 minutes before that, making it 7:17am. Then Trisha informed us that the clock in her van is 6 minutes fast, making the time of birth 7:11am. We also realized that he was born as we were passing the 7-11 in Charlevoix. And guess what, he weighed 7 lbs. 11oz. 🙂

They are home now, safe and sound. Mom and baby are doing great! Keegan actually is a combo of Ethan and Dylan, and looks alot like Trisha did when she was born.

Updated to include pictures!

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