Final Days of High School

As I sit here and write this, Karlie is attending her Senior Prom. That’s right, my baby is attending her Senior Prom. You know it all hasn’t hit me really that my baby, my last child, is graduating high school in just a few days. We’ve attended her last high school play and her last dance revue so far and still have her last choir concert and of course graduation to go. It did start to hit the other night, the first night of her dance revue. But then I remembered that she still had Friday night dance revue, choir concert, prom and graduation to go, so I was able to overcome becoming emotional at that point. You can see her dance revue and other videos here.

Today was a huge day, getting ready for prom and all. In my last post I told about how she won this prom dress contest from Kymaro. What I didn’t know when I wrote that post was all the amazing stuff she won in addition to her prom dress! Oh my goodness!!!

First of all she was able to pick out any dress she wanted. And she chose this super cute, princess style dress.

She also got to pick out any shoes she wanted and the jewelry. In addition to all that, the wonderful people at Kymaro scheduled her a head to toe makeover at the Spa at the Inn at Bay Harbor; a very upscale salon and spa. She got a manicure, pedicure, hair cut, color and style and a complete facial. We spent all day at the spa…I wish I would have had the money to get myself made over while we were there….oh well. It was her day and she had fun getting pampered. In addition to all that, the prom tickets were paid for, as well as a limo ride to and from prom. They actually got an SUV because there were no limo’s available for today. But, at least they got chaperoned in a nice vehicle!

Another huge surprise came in the mail. She got a box full of beauty and body products from Kymaro; makeup, body shapers, nail polish, teeth whitening from supersmile, Ted Gibson hair products, a sunless tanning system and more! It was like Christmas!

OMGosh!!! She just texted me and told me she won Prom Queen!!! Oh I’m so proud of her!!! I can’t wait to see pictures of her in her crown! Her boyfriend got pictures of her. Awe, I’m so happy for her!

Anyway, it’s been a good Senior year for her. It will be weird not having a child in school…well regular school anyway. Karlie will be attending cosmetology in the fall and then off to bible college probably after that, for music/worship.What will I do when all 4 of m kids are grown up??? Oh, I know!!! Enjoy watching the grandkids grow up! 🙂

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