Spiritual Root of Disease

I started reading this book a while back, then I put it down for a while, and now I’m back to reading it. It’s called A More Excellent Way: Be In Health by Henry Wright*. The reason I picked it back up is because my granddaughter, who is just 2 months old, is quite colicky. The wife of our Associate Pastor, when she heard Remmy was colicky, said she learned from this conference a while back that the spiritual root of colic is a spirit of fear. That conference was based on this very book. So, of course I picked the book back up to learn more about this. Since then, discussions keep coming up, or I keep reading about diseases and illnesses that I know my family and friends are suffering from, as well as issues I myself have.

I have 3 specific health issues: low thyroid, low good cholesterol and high bad cholesterol, and I am obese. I hate saying obese, but the hard truth is what it is. All three of these diseases have a spiritual root in self hatred. I must say I’m kind of, but not completely shocked at this. I know I used to struggle with low self esteem and insecurity a lot more than I do now, and perhaps I am now at a place where I can actually face my self hatred and be healed.

When I told my husband that the spiritual root was self hatred he wasn’t shocked. He is always getting on me about the way I talk about myself, how I say I’m fat and ugly quite frequently. Honestly I thought I had stopped the negative self talk….well maybe not stopped it, but didn’t do it as often, but the thoughts are still there.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I do have a MUCH better self image than I used to, especially when I was a little girl, being sexually molested by my step dad. But I know those self hating thoughts creep in there, and I don’t even realize it.

So, how am I going to overcome and get rid of this self hatred? Well, the first step is to recognize it, so I’m going to pray to God to show me when I have these thoughts and why. Then once I begin to recognize them, I can repent and be healed.

Please be praying for me as I go through this journey. I know Satan attacks even harder when we try to overcome something because he wants us to be in bondage and sick, so pray for protection, guidance and wisdom.

What are your thoughts on disease and spiritual roots?

Note: I now know and believe that God used that book to show me what I need to know in order to be healed. I’ve been praying for healing of my low thyroid so I can lose weight so I can be healthy and take care of the temple He’s given me.

*While I am an affiliate for Amazon and will get paid if you click the link above and make a purchase, I was not asked to write about this book or mention it. I chose to do so on my own free will and do highly recommend it.
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