Leadership Conference Highlights

Last night was my first night home after spending 3 days at the Resurrection Life Church Leadership Conference. This was my 4th year attending the conference and I feel it’s the best one yet. The main speakers were: Pastor Duane Van Der Klok (Res. Life), Chris Hodges (Church of the Highlands), John Vereecken (Lidere, Vida Internacional) and Chris Moon (Res. Life Cadillac)

Chris Hodges spoke on topics such as: Engaging the Culture, and the main points were:

  • Daniel 6:1 – excellent Spirit (NKJV) Exceptional qualities (NIV)
  • 4 values for staff: Genuine love for God, Genuine compassion for people, a culture of excellence, and a good attitude.

Recommended reading by Chris: The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It and Differentiate or Die: Survival in Our Era of Killer Competition

Chris Hodges also taught onĀ 7 Principles to Make it Through a Bad Day:

  • Hebrews 12:2: If you want to conquer any land, the enemy is going to come against you
  • The cross really sets the framework for us: See my previous blog post about the 7 statements Jesus said on the cross

Chris’ also taught the 8 Secrets of Life-Giving Ministry and we were given a handout, but the main points were:

  • Empowering Leadership
  • Gift-based ministry
  • Passionate Spirituality
  • Functional Structures
  • Inspiring Worship Service
  • Holistic Small Groups
  • Need-oriented evangelism
  • Loving Relationships

John Vereecken’s topics included: Heroism, where he explained what it means to be a hero in ministry: Extreme sacrifice for a cause that benefits other people.

  • Phil. 2:5-8 – Jesus gave up His divine privileges so others could benefit
  • Live a life of sacrifice
  • Luke 14:26 – Love Jesus more than your own life
  • 2 Tim. 2:3 – As a good soldier of Jesus Christ you must endure some suffering
  • Phil. 1:29 – You’ve been given the privilege of suffering for Christ
  • Adopt the same attitude as Jesus had

Each day there were also break out workshops. I attended “The Heart of a Leader” by Ken Reynolds, worship leader at Res. Life, and John Vereecken’s “How to Influence and Lead your Superiors to Create Change”.

Chris Moon gave a really good message about how to Pastor orphans and slaves; there’s a difference between discipline and punishment. Main points throughout the talk were:

  • We need to sow into the younger generation
  • The heart of a great leader always leaves a great legacy
  • In your life, in your church, aim at something
  • Promote fruitfulness not faithfulness
  • Reach people where they’re at
  • Church isn’t for Christians-it’s for the lost
  • Be a servant leader
  • Good shepherds always smell like sheep…get with the people
  • Servant leadership isn’t what you do – it’s who you are. Attitude leadership
  • Your joy is your greatest strength as a leader (Nehemiah 8:10)
  • People are looking for an emotional connection. The Spiritual connection will come through that.
  • Our church should be a happy place-maintain a joyful place
  • Understand growth is always inconvenient
  • What you will tolerate will kill you
  • Luke 14: You know you’re inconvenienced by your language
  • Luke 9: 62: You will know you’re an orphan and a slave when you have obligation language
  • Live your life with a “Please Disturb” sign
  • In a growth environment we don’t choose who God calls
  • Accept people where they’re at
  • Don’t put in the hearts of people that they can’t serve because they smoke, drink, lie or have been, or are, in jail. It creates a subculture.
  • See their potential. Call greatness out of people. All things are possible with God.

I’m looking forward to next year’s conference already! What conference’s have you attended that you would recommend to others?

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