How Lack of Confidence Affects Work

God has really been laying on my heart this subject of lacking confidence lately. Recently, I’ve been working very hard at creating some “how-to” videos for a client with my voice. I’ll be honest with you, before I started doing these videos, and prior to taking Kelly McCausey’s Verbal Confidence webinar, I thought I was an okay speaker. I know I’m nervous, and I also know I can’t speak in public without a script or being fully prepared, but I still thought I sounded okay. Hahaha. After working on these videos for the last 3 days and listening to my own voice over and over, I realize I’ve picked up some pretty bad speaking habits. For instance, I say: fer instead of for, ta instead of to, and I sure do say Uh a lot! So, making these videos has been good for me and my speaking ability.

They have also helped me in the area of confidence. When I’m making the videos (you can’t see me in them by the way, you can only hear my voice) I find that I sound more confident when I sit up straight. I also find it very effective to take a deep breath before I begin, as well as to think about what I’m going to say. I do have a script to follow, but I find I sound ‘choppy’ when I use the script and like I’m reading from it. I find I’m much smoother if I think about what I’m going to say first, write out an outline just to keep me on track and then record the video.

While I was waiting for one of the videos to render, I started thinking about how lacking confidence in ourselves can really affect our work. I was reflecting back to when I was a receptionist for this manufacturing company and how much I lacked confidence, and it really showed. I was afraid of people, especially some of the bosses, so it stopped me from really doing a good job there. There have been other times in my life when fear and lack of confidence have stopped me from growing or being all that I could be, too. Because I was afraid of making a mistake or failing, I simply wouldn’t go after or do some of the things I desired, such as continuing voice lessons, learning an instrument, going out for cheerleading, and pursuing a career in nursing. Let me just say that though I would still love to be a nurse, I’m very happy that I’m able to work from home now and couldn’t imagine working for or under someone else. Working from home has given me the freedom I need to take care of my family and live my calling as a youth leader.

Another way lack of confidence affects your work is because you feel like you’re not smart enough, or capable enough or afraid to step out and really go for your goals and dreams, so therefore you sit there in a job you don’t like, wishing for so much more, but not having the confidence to go after what you desire.

Perhaps you’re not even aware that the reason you don’t achieve your dreams and goals is a confidence issue. Maybe you’ve never had the opportunity to try to understand the reason or reasons you don’t pursue your dreams and desires, though you certainly have them. If this sounds like you, I’d like to pray for you. And I’d like to leave you with this scripture: Psalm 139. Read it every day for a month and see if you don’t begin to feel more confident about yourself. And remember, God loves you. You are his creation, and He doesn’t make junk.

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