Reaching for Excellence: Losing Weight

(*Sigh*) As part of my new motto for 2010, “Reaching for Excellence”, I made the decision to join Weight Watchers online again. My blogging friend, Too Many Hats, and my friend Tishia Lee, have both inspired me to get back on the weight loss bandwagon. I know I eat way to much and way too unhealthily, and I know following a plan like Weight Watchers helps me maintain and stay in control of both of those. So, each week I will be posting my weight loss progress here. Am I going to get as brave as Tishia and post my weigh-ins on video? Yikes!!! But, since I’ve chosen my weigh-in day on Sunday, I can be showered and have makeup on when I do my weigh in. 🙂 So, perhaps…I’ll have to get really brave though. I don’t think my hubby knows my actual weight, which is something I’ll have to get over. Plus he will probably make me confess it as soon as he reads this anyway…..(Love you hunny!!!!). We are both working on self-improvement and he knows I’m working on being more confident, so recording my weigh-ins will really help me in that area….ha!!!

Well, before I ramble on anymore, I suppose I should start by telling you my weight today, since I’m officially starting today…though from here on out I will weigh in on Sundays…I chose Sunday as my weigh-in day because it’s the beginning of a new week, a chance to start over…know what I mean? I’m rambling again. Okay, are you ready? I’m not. Ha.

Today’s weight, my starting weight is……drum roll please…..221.4. There I did it. Ugh. It’s out there for the whole world to see….not like you couldn’t tell anyway…hello, it’s not like I can hide my weight from anyone. It’s pretty obvious I’m….obese. Ugh. I hate that word. But, I am. (The photo below is the only one I could find with some of my body in it…LOL)

My daughter and Me Nov. 2009

But, you know what, I think it’s pretty freeing to get it out there, confess it if you will. So, now I am looking to you all for support and accountability 🙂 Will you do that for me?

Though it won’t be a full week, Sunday I will weigh myself. I will have my hubby video tape it and then I’ll post it here on my blog.

OH! And another thing I would like to ask for accountability for is my Fat Loss Quickie workout sessions. Need to make sure I get those in every week day. Thanks, and if you’re going to help hold me accountable, will you let me know in the comments? Thanks so much. Oh and if I you’re reaching for excellence and trying to eat healthier and workout, let me know that too, so I can support and help you too 🙂

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