When You’re feeling the Squeeze, God has room to Move

Today as I was listening to the message at church, I “heard” God say something along these lines: “When things are tight, tough and even very difficult, it just means it’s an opportunity for Me to move in your life.” I got really excited when God laid that on my heart! It made me stop and look at life’s struggles in a whole new light.

When life gets tough, and believe me, life gets tough, instead of looking at it in a negative way, like “poor me” or “why does this happen to me all the time” or “why can’t I ever make ends meet”, God laid it on my heart to look at each struggle in life as an opportunity for Him to move in my life.  That’s right, an opportunity for Him to move in my life. That means there’s an opportunity for a miracle in my life! I got so excited when I thought about that!!! Think about it! How many of you would like to see an actual miracle in your life? I know I would!!! And I’m not saying I’ve never experienced God’s miraculous healing power or his miraculous provision in my life, because I have, many many times. But there are also those times when times were tough or I was struggling with something, and instead of thinking of it as an opportunity for God to move, I got down about it, frustrated or even mad and upset. 12oranges

Right now, things are pretty tight, really tight for Jeff and I financially, really tight! To the point where we don’t know where we’re going to get the money for gas for him to get back and forth to work and for Karlie to get to school and back. But, as I was writing out my tithe check this morning, and believing in faith that God will provide all our needs, God began to speak to my heart. The bible says we are to “be a cheerful giver”…that scripture has a whole new meaning to me now. Sure, we could have chosen not to tithe this morning or even worse, given reluctantly, but this morning I got excited to give our tithe…I just gave God room to move in our lives and our finances! In the past as I wrote out our tithe check, I would say a quick prayer, kind of along the lines of “okay I’m being obedient, so now You’re going to have to provide God”, because I knew that while we’re supposed to tithe, we sure could use that money to pay some bills with or even just buy gas and groceries with. And I need to add that God did provide and continues to, although I wasn’t exactly being a “cheerful giver”. But, now I get it! When we faithfully tithe, especially when things seem impossible, God has room to move! We just opened the door for Him to be able to provide our needs. If we didn’t tithe, sure we’d have that extra money for gas and groceries, but we would also have closed that door to God’s loving provision.

Please don’t think I’m trying to brag or be boastful about tithing. I’m excited about God being able to move in our lives and that I finally realize why God wants us to give 10% of our increase to Him first! He wants us to make room in our hearts for Him and have faith that He will do as He has promised in His word.

Sometimes, often times, when we are going through struggles or tight financial times, our flesh gets the best of us and we forget that God wants us to depend on Him. God wants us to depend on Him.  And when we get our flesh out of the way, God can move in our lives, and does.

If you’re going through tough times, no matter how difficult, pray to God and ask Him to help you not see your circumstances through your fleshly eyes. Pray to be able to see the wide open opportunity that God now has to move in your life. And then let Him.

What are you going through right now where God has room to move in your life? What struggles are you dealing with that God wants to carry you through or release you from? Health, finances, relationships? I pray that God will remove the blinders from your eyes, get your flesh out of the way, and the see the awesome miracles God is going to do in your life. If you’d like prayer for a situation you’re going through, please leave a comment and I’ll be glad to pray for you. And I encourage other readers to pray for one another as well. Be blessed my friends!

Creative Commons License photo credit: Michell Zappa

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