Venting, Praying, Overwhelmed

I didn’t know what to title this post. I have some personal issues going on right now in my family and need lots of prayer. I’m feeling so overwhelmed right now by everything going in my families lives. I’m not normally a complainer, so if this is your first time reading, please don’t think all of my posts are vents. Actually very few are. I’m usually quite positive…I think.

I’m feeling so overwhelmed today because yesterday my son, who is an addict, went to jail and I am the one who sent him there this time. Addiction is a very strong force over someone and my son is right in the throws of his addiction to alcohol, pot and anti-anxiety meds. Basically anything he can get his hands on to get high, he will.

After getting sent home early from work yesterday, he struggled with me to get his pills from me. I warned him to take his hands off of me, and when he did not, I called 911. I was not hurt at all, but the point was I was not going to allow him to manhandle me like that. Plus, I know that I can no longer give him the help he needs. His issues are out of my hands, as I do not have the knowledge to provide the help he needs. So, please by praying for him, for us, and for the rest of the family, as this is just the beginning of a long, hard road.

I am also overwhelmed because in the midst of all of this, it seems as if our financial problems are piling higher and higher. Just as we got a little reprieve on our credit card payment (we worked out a deal with our creditor to lower our payment by $150 a month), we continue to have mounting medical bills and car issues. I just got the bill for some recent lab work at the tune of $17o or something like that, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you’re barely making ends meet as it is, $170 seems overwhelming. I’m sure we’ll be able to pay it in small chunks, but right now, it seems overwhelming because of everything else going on.

Our cars all need work and new tires before the snow flies, which could be any day now. One car is in the shop and thankfully we were blessed with some money to get it fixed. But, it still needs new tires. The car Karlie usually drives needs the lights fixed from her little fender bender a couple of weeks ago and the truck needs new wheel bearings. There are more things wrong with each of the vehicles, I just can’t think of them all right now.

I also found out some other stuff that I can’t go into any detail about right now, but God knows what it is, so if you could just pray for our family, that would be great.

Thanks for letting me vent and for your prayers. God bless you all my friends!

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