The Real Me

My good friend, Tishia, recently posted a blog entitled “Who Am I” and in it she talks about not knowing who she really is. Sure, she’s a mom, she’s a Christian, she’s a work at home mom, but those don’t really describe who she is. I think many of us struggle with knowing who we really are. The reason I named my blog “Being Who God Created Me to Be” is for the very same reason…every day I’m growing and searching and learning to be the woman God created me to be. I’m no where near being that person yet and won’t be until heaven, but while I’m here on Earth, I want to be as close to it as possible. I do believe God created me, and you, for a specific purpose here on Earth, and I think that’s what most of us are trying to figure out…just what is our purpose, why are we here at this very moment in time? Of all the other times we could have been born, why now, why here, and for what?

Lately, God has been laying on my heart that my first mission is my family…actually God has laid it on my heart for a while, but He has to remind me of it every so often. I wrote a post not too long ago entitled “Learning to be Content Where you are” and I wrote about being content in singleness and where you are financially. Not too long after I posted that (a day or two) God laid it on my heart that I’ve not been content where I am living. You see, we currently live in a small village which we moved to the first year after we got married…which was 3 years ago to be exact. We moved here because this is where my kids have grown up and have gone to school and we did not want to uproot them and make them switch schools. Plus it was easier for them to go back and forth between our house and their dad’s. Well, now since my baby is a Senior in high school this year, she will be graduating at the end of the year, and I really want to move back to the town where we go to church, all our friends live and where my husband works. It’s only about 23 miles away, but still, I feel so disconnected from everyone over there. Our church friends rarely come to visit because it seems so far and out of the way, plus we would be able to interact more with the youth (we are youth leaders in our church) if we lived in town. So, I’ve been praying and praying for God to provide the means in order for us to move as soon as my baby graduates. I’ve even got my eye on a house, right in town, just a mile or so from the church…it would be perfect…or so I think. Then God basically told me to relax…be content here where I’m at…He will work it all out…in His best timing. I so know that’s true, and He’s never let me down before…yeah, I may not be able to actually see God working it out, but He always does.j0435894 emailsmall cropped

So, I’ve quit pining for that house, and quit allowing my spirit…or maybe it ‘s my flesh…to be unsettled where we are. Now it’s my prayer for God’s PERFECT will to be done in my life, in our lives…not just His permissible will.

The real me…the real me is being who God created me to be…always growing and learning and following His direction…not my own.

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