Happy Birthday to Me!

Okay, I’m not sure if it’s totally rude to do a post all about me and my birthday or not, but here I am. It’s currently 12:17 AM, September 22 and I think this is the first time in a verrrrry loooooong time that I’ve actually stayed up till, or passed, midnight on my birthday. I didn’t plan on staying up late or till midnight to “bring in” my birthday or anything…I’m just pretty much a night person anyway. Jeff is on vacation all this week because, oh tomorrow is our anniversary! I thought I would make it easy for him to remember my birthday and our anniversary by having them all together. Not really. It’s just how it happened. We didn’t really “plan” it that way. September 23, 2005 just seemed like the perfect time for us.

So, I’ve been enjoying watching all the Facebook birthday wishes coming in already and my 18 year old son was the first to text me at 12:14.

Tonight all my kids, mom and some friends are coming over for dinner and brownies. Brownies are my fave over cake. That’s all I need and ask for on my birthday.Kairos ~ 245
Creative Commons License photo credit: Angélique ~

Though secretly I wish for a new camera since ours died, but our finances won’t allow it right now, so I’m pretty sure that’s not gonna happen.

How old am I??? Old enough to know better but young enough to do it anyway! LOL. Don’t tell my kids!!! It’s just one of my favorite sayings from back in the day.

Who do I share a birthday with? One of my best friends, Tishia, her son, Caleb is now 11; Scott Baio, Bonnie Hunt, Joan Jett, and Bethany Dillon, a Christian Music Artist. There were a bunch of other “celebrities” but I either didn’t recognize their names at all or remembered them vaguely.

Interesting historical happenings on September 22:
1789-Congress authorized the office of Post Master General
1862-President Abraham Lincoln issued the preliminary Emancipation Proclomation

Other interesting facts:
My birthstone is Sapphire, and the first day of Fall usually falls on my birthday.

There are a ton of other facts and historical events but way too numerous to mention here. I performed a search on Google using “historical facts September 22” and clicked on the various links. Wikipedia seemed to have the most complete list.

When is your birthday and what interesting facts happened the day you were born? Do you think it’s boring or significant to know what happened in our world on the same day as your birth?

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