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Warning: this is a totally random post. Just feel like laying some stuff out that’s on my mind and heart. Nothing big, nothing serious, just stuff, just life.

Right now I’m listening to Hillsong, Hillsong and more Hillsong! I got their new CD, Faith+Hope+Love, and loaded into my iTunes along with all my other Hillsong music. I clicked on their playlist and have been listening to them all morning as I try to get some work done. Notice I said “try”. I’ve got a client’s project to work on, but it’s a little challenging because it’s in .pdf form and I need to copy the text into a Word doc. Well, I converted it using an online .pdf converter, but it’s still formatted as a “picture” instead of text. I then tried to save a copy of the .pdf file as text, but the text file came up blank. Grrrr. I WILL figure this out, I just needed to stop for a moment and not get frustrated.

Jeff just started a week of evenings today. He left about 10 minutes ago. It will be weird not having him here all the time. He’s had so much vacation this summer, it’s been nice having him around all the time.

My youngest is going to the church to help out with vacation bible school. She’s been helping all week, including with set up, which I think she really enjoys doing. My oldest daughter and I are making plans to go to the fair tonight perhaps, if she can convince her hubby to go or maybe he will find something else to do. We shall see. Either way I have to get a ride with my youngest to G-town because I don’t want to drive the gas-hog truck with a low tire.

I really need to get back on track with my diet. I’ve not been tracking and have gained 2 more lbs!!! Ugh! I can feel it too. Plus I’ve not been drinking all the water. Be right back, going to get a glass now…ok I’m back. I actually filled up my water bottle I got when I first started Weight Watchers. Oh, be back again…going to fill out my points…there. I added my weight, which I did not want to, and tracked my points for today. I have 10 left.

Other areas I have to get disciplined in are exercising and budgeting. Being self disciplined has never been easy for me. I wish I were one of those people who was naturally self disciplined. I find the same people who are great at budgeting are also great at staying in shape and vice-versa. Or else they were born with a great body and don’t really have to work at it or they are financially blessed and don’t really struggle paying bills, etc. Whatever, I just wish I was more naturally disciplined in all areas of my life. I tend to do really good at something for a while, then I get bored and don’t want to work at it any more. Something I’m definitely going to have to work on…LOL.

I’m really enjoying working from home and am looking to add 2 new regular clients. I have 2 right now but need a couple more to meet our income requirements. I have been praying about it, and God has been providing all our needs. We certainly aren’t going hungry, and some past due medical bills still need to be paid, but we have a roof over our heads, vehicles that run and have gas in them, and clothes on our backs. So, I can’t really complain though I know living pay check to pay check is not what we’re supposed to do, so I’m praying for increase in our income and wisdom and help with being a wise steward of what God has given us.

I’m really enjoying my bottle of water! I forgot how much I love water!!! I will probably be peeing a lot over the next couple of days as my body adjusts to taking in that much water again. But it will be good. Perhaps I will lose the few pounds I’ve gained pretty quickly because I know most of it is water weight. I can see it in my fingers and ankles.

Oh, I went to the doctor last week. They actually called me in. I guess I was supposed to be having my blood checked every 6 months with the meds I’m on. Niaspan for my cholesterol issues and Synthroid for my low thyroid. So, I went and had blood drawn last week and yesterday the doctor’s office called and said I needed to get back on the Niacin, but only 500mg starting out. When I went off it a couple of months ago, I was up to 1500mg a day! So, my cholesterol must be better than it was. Yay for me. Must be the little bit of weight I did lose and the walking I WAS doing. Need to get back at that too. Sheesh.

Another thing I want to start doing is meal planning again. I did it for like one week, then got off track. Surprise. I have all the info for all this stuff in my head-heck I even write about it on my other blogs-it’s just hard for me to get in the habit of it.

I guess that’s the key to all of my issues; I need to make habits of everything. Good, healthy habits. Well, I guess that’s enough for now. I feel motivated and ready to conquer the world. Ok, not quite ready for that, but almost!

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