My Prayer Requests

Ethiopia: Innocent Prayers of a Young Child
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I was laying in bed this morning and my mind was racing with all the things going on in our lives lately, so I thought I would put them down on virtual paper. Not only are they on my mind, they are also my prayer needs. So, as you read this, why not take a minute to say a prayer or two for us.

Okay, as you may or may not know, when Jeff and I got married, we lived in his house in a nice little Association called Lake Arrowhead. Very cute house, 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, master suite, garage, wooded lot, pool and lake access, the whole nine yards. Because my two younger kids went to school over in the Boyne area, they were living with their dad and coming to stay with us every other weekend. So, after doing that for 1 year, Jeff and I prayed about it and decided to move to the Boyne area as well so the kids could live with us, at least every other week. As it has turned out, Kaleb lives with his dad and Karlie lives with us. With all that being said, my prayer request is for that other house to sell. We put it on the market when we bought the house in Boyne, then had a renter who said they wanted to buy it, were often late on their payments, then backed out of the deal. They did do some painting and added some cabinetry in the laundry room and a couple of other nice things, however, so I do have to give them credit for that. Anyway, we put the house back on the market after they moved out and it has been shown a quite a few times and someone even put an offer on it, however, it was way too low to even consider. So, please pray that God would bring a buyer or even someone who will rent it faithfully and pay on time.

With the extra house payment, we are struggling financially. When we made the move to Boyne, I was working as a mortgage consultant and made a decent salary. Due to the slow housing market, the company had to close some of it’s branches here in Northern Michigan, one of them being where I worked. I did get a small severance payment and was able to draw unemployment, but didn’t have to for very long. Shortly thereafter, I was hired as a bookkeeper for a small charter aviation company. But again due to the economy, I was laid off. I did get rehired in the summer, but was laid off again in the fall and have not been called back. But, because I am able to draw unemployment, I’ve been able to get my work at home business off the ground, which has been growing by leaps and bounds. But, we are still struggling financially with two house payments, the extra property taxes, association dues, and the gas and electric on that house which we’re behind on. Then to top it off, Jeff had his heart attack in April, so now we’ve got medical bills to pay off too. God has been providing all our needs, so my prayer request is for continued increase to pay off the extra bills and discipline in our finances. I’m horrible at sticking to a budget. I start it then I quit, then I start, and then I quit again.

Jeff and I are going to sit down and do the budget together. He was doing it when we first got married, then I took over, but it’s really best to do it together. As he told the lay director of the upcoming men’s walk, we’re not going to let our financial situation tear us apart, we are going to let it draw us closer together. We vowed to do that when we got married and we’re sticking to it! So, my prayer request is for God to increase our income and for us to become better disciplined at sticking to the budget.

My other prayer request is for my son. He is an addict. He is 24 and struggling. He’s been in jail for DUI’s and is currently working on serving 5 years of probation. I think he has 3 years left. He doesn’t believe that what he’s doing to himself affects anyone but himself. He is wrong. It is very painful to watch your child destroy themselves when they don’t have to. After his last stint in jail (5 months served) he gave his life to Christ and was doing really well. He had purpose, was setting goals and sober. Somewhere along the way though, he gave up. He slowly started hanging out with the wrong people again and slipped back into his addiction. He is working which is good, but the money only goes to buy more drugs and alcohol. Jeff and I are going to tell him he has to sober up or get out. So, my prayer request is for my son to turn his life back over to Christ and to allow the healing power of Jesus to heal him from his addictions.

Of course there are other “small” needs, but those are the main ones that have been laying heavy on my heart. Thank you for praying.

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