I Got My Hair Did!

mecloseup Have you ever gotten a hair-do you just absolutely LOVE???? I have the most awesome hair girl EVER, and she always does a great job and I always love leaving how my hair looks and feels. Not to mention, I even love it after a week and after a month! But this time, I LOVE it even more~if that’s possible. I love the color and I love the bangs. The rest of it she just trimmed so it’s not too much different than before, but the blonde is great and the bangs are awesome! At least I think so…LOL.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know how much I love my new do, and how much I love my hair girl! Oh and by the way, of course she has a website (hello, what kind of virtual assistant would I be if I didn’t create one for her?!) We did trade hair for website, just in case you were wondering.

Anyway, I’m still working on tweaking it, but here is the link to Loradale Aldrich~hair girl extraordinaire! If you live anywhere in the Thumb area of Michigan or in Northern Michigan (because she travels up here to continue servicing all her clients) give her a call!

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