My Son Graduated from High School!

Yesterday was an exciting day. My son, Kaleb, graduated from high school. He is so happy and we are very proud of him. He was diagnosed with ADHD when he was little and has always struggled in school. He’s gotten better as he’s gotten older, but still had a hard time getting along with others and has some anger issues, which gets him in trouble.

But, he pulled through and is going to go to college in the fall at North Central Michigan College, then probably go to Colorado where his Aunt lives and pursue a degree in Recording Engineering. He loves music so this will be a good field for him and something he will really enjoy.

Kaleb also excels in downhill skiing and was Captain of the ski team his senior year, taking his team to State and placing 3rd! Other areas he excels in are woodworking and art; a very talented young man!

Here some photos from yesterday’s events. His graduation party is next Sunday at 1:00. It will be at a park by one of the lakes in our area. Pray for good weather!!!

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