Mother’s Day-The Rest of the Story

Well here we are at the end of a great Mother’s Day. You can read how the beginning of the day was here. After lunch, we chilled for a bit and played a round of my new favorite game “In a Pickle“.

About 5:30 Brandon started to make the burgers for the grill but the meat wasn’t completely thawed. So, he put it in the microwave for a few seconds. Trisha, Ben and the boys showed up and soon we were ready to eat. But, as we began to eat the burgers, we noticed a funky taste and couldn’t eat them. The funky flavor was from thawing the meat in the microwave, so we all threw our burgers out and sent Jeff to the store to get more meat; mind you Jeff had already run to the store twice to get hamburger buns and some other things. (He’s such a great husband!!!)

After we had some good burgers, we played another round of “In a Pickle“. Jeff took Ethan outside to play while Trisha, Ben, Brandon and I played the game. Brandon also made a devil’s food chocolate cake. After the game, we all had a piece of cake then it was time for Trisha to take her two cranky boys home.

It truly was a great mother’s day; quiet, relaxed and didn’t cost us too big of a fortune (besides the three trips to the grocery store…LOL). I loved it! Thank you family for giving me an awesome Mother’s Day. 🙂

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