I’m Really Doing It This Time!

The following post was written a month ago. At the end of the post, I will inform you of my one month’s progress.

What is it you’re probably asking? It is doing something about my weight! Yesterday, well Tuesday because it’s officially Thursday as I’m writing this, my dd-25 and her friend were here to begin our official weight loss journey together. My dd’s friend, A, just had a baby a couple of months ago and dd just had a baby in September. Me, I’m just old and fat.

Since Tuesday is American Idol night and A and dd come over anyway, we thought it’d be a good time to weigh ourselves each week to help hold each other accountable. Not only did we weigh ourselves we also measured each other. Ugh! I’m the largest of us three and I hate seeing how much I weigh, much less how big I am! Then to top it off we took “before” pics of each other which ingrained in my brain even more how big I am. I’m the largest I’ve ever been and I just can’t stand it any more! Not to mention that I need to take better care of my health. (A has to email me the pics and when she does, I will post them~are you sure you really want to see them?!)

So today I joined Weight Watchers online. I’ve done WW in the past and have had great success losing the weight. Trouble is, I always quit after I lose the weight. For some reason I think I can maintain my weight, but it’s obvious I can’t. So this time I’m going to stick with it even after I’ve reached my goal.

A has all the WW books and even a points calculator, and WW online has all the tools you need as well for a really reasonable monthly fee. With the help and support of A, dd and hubby, I know I will be able to stick with it, not to mention I just want to!!!

Not only that, I can access WW online with my Blackberry, so when I’m eating out or shopping I can quickly access the site if I need to calculate points or want to enter what I’ve eaten in the points tracker. So cool! (I’m such a nerd…lol)

It’s amazing how successful we can be when we want something bad enough. I have 85lbs. to lose and my first goal is to lose 5% of my weight. WW recommends setting your next goal at 10% and then your ultimate goal. I can’t wait to see the weight coming off! I’m excited about that. And I’m excited about WW online! Since I’m on the computer all day every day, whenever I eat something I will just go enter it in the Points tracker. Plus it has an activity tracker so you can keep track of any activity you do which helps keep you motivated~at least it does for me! I like checking off each of the items like water intake, dairy, fruits and veggies, activity and lean proteins! It makes me feel accomplished LOL.

If you’re trying to lose weight and need accountability, leave me a comment so we can help each other out! Leave me a comment anyway, just cuz I like ’em! LOL

Okay, so fast forward to the present now. I’ve been doing really well sticking to the plan! Weight Watchers new Momentum plan is really easy to follow and since I joined online, I have access to hundreds of recipes, a support forum and more. I can keep track of my daily points, activity earned and so on. You can also plug in any food item to see how many points it is. Weight Watchers online also has all of the restaurant chain meals and food items points as well, making dining out very easy. Plus you can get Weight Watchers mobile for your phone so you always have the points tracker at your finger tips and can look up any food items as you shop or go out to eat. 

Another thing I love about Weight Watchers is no only in addition to your daily points, you also get extra weekly points for those special occasions or when you feel like you need a little more. In the beginning I had a hard time using all my daily points much less needing to use the extra points. But the last two weeks I’ve used a fairly big chunk of my extra points because I had things like dessert and pizza. But, that’s what make Weight Watchers so great. You CAN enjoy those things and still lose weight.

Okay, I bet you’re dying to know how I’ve done over the last month, right? Ha. Okay, I’ll tell ya.

The first week I only lost .4 of a pound (that’s 4 tenths of a pound-not even 1/2 a pound). I was a little upset. When I’ve done WW in the past the first two or three weeks were always the biggest losses for me so I was disappointed. Not in myself because I knew I was following the plan, though I did need to step up the exercise.

Then next week, I lost .8. Not a great loss again, but I was losing so I was okay with the result. The following week I lost .6. I was starting to get frustrated, but I know the reason I’m having such difficulty taking off the weight is because my thyroid is low. It’s the reason I gained 40 lbs. in a year too! 

This past Tuesday, we weighed and measured. When I stepped on the scale, it showed that I had GAINED .4!!! I was mad. I feel like I’ve lost weight, my jeans are getting too big and shirts aren’t as tight. I did step up the exercise and began walking briskly about 1/2 an hour 3 times last week and a couple of times the week before. I have been losing inches as the measurements showed. I lost 1/2 an inch on my hips, 3/4 of an inch on my thighs, 3/4 of an inch on my waist, 1/2 an inch on my bust and nothing in my arms (not surprised there). So, I was happy about that.

That night I had to stay up and write to get all my end of the month work done because we are leaving for Canada tomorrow for 2 days. I drank some coffee and then some water but found that I was having to use the restroom every 1/2 hour and every time I went, I went a lot! It wasn’t just a little trickle or anything, it was A LOT! (TMI???) The next morning, yesterday, I got up and felt a whole lot skinnier so I stepped on the scale, just to see. I lost 2.2 lbs!!! I was so excited. I think I was retaining some water and the coffee and water combo helped to release it. So, I’m going to increase my water intake, step up my exercise even more and keep doing what I’ve been doing as far as Weight Watchers! 

I never did get the before pics from A, but as soon as I do, I’ll post them.

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