There’s Nothing Like Friends and Family

This weekend was awesome and it’ s not even over yet! Friday, after attending Good Friday service at our church, we headed downstate to the Flint area. Our trip had two purposes: 1) My S-I-L’s band, The Andy Stefanic Band, was competing in a Battle of the Bands and 2) the competition was at my friend Tishia Lee’s church.

My dd-25 and her two boys also went and we took a friend of Tishia’s, “B”s, daughter back with us because she was up in our area visiting her g-ma for spring break. Us girls and my two grandsons rode in my dd’s minivan, while the adult males rode in our minivan.

We arrived at Tishia’s house about 4ish. The band and families had meals provided at the venue, so they headed out, except for my dd and her boys-they wanted to eat with Tishia and the rest of us. They took us to this amazing restaurant called Nueve Vallarta. It was soooo good!!! We don’t have any good Mexican restaurants up here in the frozen tundra, so it was an amazing treat!

We headed to the church and had a great time listening to the different bands. Andy’s band played second and did  awesome! They didn’t win however, but it wasn’t because they weren’t good enough. Three other bands had home turf advantage and the winner was determined purely by votes.  I must say, all the bands were good, so it would have been hard to pick a winner by judging.

We saw a few bands we met recently at the Big Ticket Tours and ran into some people we met there as well, so that made it fun and interesting. We look forward to seeing them at the Big Ticket this year too!

After the concert, we headed back to Tishia’s house, but not before stopping for some snacks. We were going to play games but we ended up talking instead until 2 in the morning. It was great! I love sitting around talking with friends and family for hours!

The hard part was figuring out where to put everyone! Tishia gave up her bed to Jeff and I, though she said she never sleeps in it because it hurts her back. We tried to get Ethan to sleep with us, but he wouldn’t. Jeff and I provided two air mattresses, a queen and a single; dd-25 and her two boys slept on the queen which barely fit between the couch and a book shelf, while one of the big boys took the single in Tishia’s son’s room. One of the other big boys slept on this little fold out lounge chair thingy, meant for a child and the other one got Tishia’s son’s bed. Tishia slept on the couch by Trisha and the little boys. It was snug, but hey, it was better than spending money on a hotel or driving 2 1/2 hours home late at night. Plus it was so great spending time with Tishia.

We all managed to get showered in about an hours time (its easy with boys! LOL), while Jeff and ds-24 went for a coffee run for us coffee drinkers. Tishia is not a coffee drinker so they ventured out and found a Tim Horton’s.

After we packed up the minivans, we headed out to find a good place to eat. It’s always been my motto to eat only at places we don’t have in our area when we are out of town. However, we wanted a place we could get breakfast or lunch, since it was going on noon already. The only place we could find was Bob Evans. We have one in our area, so we weren’t thrilled about it, but piled in our minivans anyway, as there wasnt a Denny’s around.

However, just as we were getting ready to walk out the door, we noticed Tishia’s cat was not anywhere to be found! We  spent about 10 minutes looking for the cat, to no avail. We decided to leave anyway, knowing the cat would probably return; he knows where his food is! As dd-25 and I were driving down the road (the last in the minivan caravan) E-dude (my two year old grandson) exclaimed, “I see a kitty”. My daughter saw it too, but by the time we turned around, it was gone. We called Tishia to let her know and also called my husband to let him know. They both pulled over and waited for us to catch up.

Tishia was heading up the minivan caravan, leading us to Bob Evans, when my daughter and I remembered a road we passed on the way to Tishia’s with tons of restaurants, so we told Tishia we should drive down that road to see if we can find someplace else that serves breakfast and lunch; a place we don’t have in our area. Earlier, mind you, we told Jeff we were going to try to find a Cracker Barrel. Tishia called her friend, B for directions to a Cracker Barrel, but B said there wasn’t any nearby. As we are driving to “restaurant alley”, we pass Bob Evans and Applebee’s, and pretty much made a big circle because of our last minute decision. Jeff still thinks we are trying to find a Cracker Barrel. As soon as we hit “restaurant alley” Tishia remembers this cool 50’s Diner that serves awesome hamburgers and breakfast! And it was right on the corner! So, we pulled in, and the boys just laughed at us because it wasn’t Cracker Barrel. But, it was good and lo and behold, no one got breakfast! LOL.

We had a great lunch and said our goodbyes to Tishia. It was a great time and so glad we got to spend some time with her and see where she lives and goes to church.

As we headed out, we were right by Sonic. Sonic is one of the places I used to frequent growing up in New Mexico, and I love their Cherry Limeades! We were stuffed, but since we don’t have a Sonic in our area, we had to get a Cherry Limeade fix! So, we honked at the boy-van ahead of us and had them pull into Sonic. Jeff is the only one in the boy-van that got anything, which was a Strawberry Limeade. Eh. Not the same as a Cherry Limeade for sure! LOL. My daughter and I got two huge Cherry Limeades and E-dude got a cherry slushie.

We were officially happy now! Our Cherry Limeades lasted almost the whole trip home and were a satisfying fix for now. We arrived at my daughter’s home about 4:00 and then our home by about 5ish. We all took naps as soon as we hit home! Ha.

It was so nice being able to go down and visit without a plan. The only scheduled thing we was the concert; the rest was all played by ear so it was very nice and relaxing!

I can’t wait to see Tishia again in a couple of weeks at the Mom Mastermind’s Tweetup!!!

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