25 Random Things

Okay, no one tagged me for this one (amazingly) but I’ve seen it elsewhere and have wanted to do it. God only knows why I like these things but I do. I’m tired, should go to bed, but it’s so peaceful right now and quiet, I feel like I can think straight. HA!

So, 25 random things about me. Ready?

  1. I LOVE, I mean LOVE coffee! I can’t go through the day without it and I like it strong and black!
  2. I think I understand teenagers. Weird huh? But, it’s my calling for sure!
  3. I have the cutest grandsons EVER! Really, I do.
  4. My own children are very good looking. I’m not being biased. They are beautiful.
  5. I love making headers, banners and buttons. I’m addicted to it.
  6. I just realized this very moment, I may have an addictive personality and didn’t know it…all these years! LOL
  7. We have about a million books on our book shelves…okay a thousand.
  8. I was born in the desert and now live in the frozen tundra
  9. I just bought some Mary Kay skin care and make up and absolutely LOVE it!
  10. I recently discovered that I LOVE to write and I’m good at it (so I’ve been told by some trust worthy sources!)
  11. I color my hair, although it badly needs it now.
  12. My hair girl, who has been doing my hair since before she went to cosmo. school, moved down state. I’m sad.
  13. This is harder than I thought! LOL
  14. I love almost all kinds of music. Christian rock, contemporary, praise and worship, country, hip hop, alternative rock, classic rock, even some rap.
  15. I don’t watch much TV. American Idol, America’s Next Top Model and Top Chef. I used to watch CSI, NCIS and Numbers, but don’t much anymore. hmmmmm?
  16. I think I’m addicted to my lap top. No, just my work that I do on it. I can’t even call it work I love it so much!
  17. I realized, through my writing, that I DO have a sense of humor and because of my writing, my sense of humor is coming out more in person too. Been a confidence booster I think!
  18. My daughter told me I have a knack for discovering her kids new teeth. My grandson just cut his first tooth and I found it first! Same with his older brother when he got his first tooth! Ha!
  19. My best friend, who moved to Missouri, oh 8 years ago (really that long???), and I can go for long periods of time without talking to each other and pick up right where we left off. Funny how that is huh?
  20. I grew up a Jehovah’s Witness and now I am Saved, Born Again, out of the cult.
  21. I have a brother that’s 16 years younger than me…no one between us
  22. I can sing, but have horrible stage fright
  23. If you put the first letter of my middle name and my last name together it spells klutz. Nice huh? I no longer use my middle initial if I don’t have to.
  24. My front room is my “office” (we have two living rooms; who needs two?)
  25. I need to water my plant. I just looked at it and it’s droopy.
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