Christian Women Tweet Up Tonight!

I am a Twitterer! I have “met” so many new people on Twitter; people with similar interests as mine, people with totally different interests from mine, other WAHM’s, Christian men and women, single parents, single people, married people, and on and on.

Every once in a while someone will host a ‘tweet up’ which is where twitter people meet up. Tonight there is a tweet up hosted by Take Root and Write. Take Root and Write is a site where Christian Women come together for inspiration and encouragement. If you are a Christian Woman and have a blog, you might be able to add your blog to the blog roll, or even be a writer for Take Root and Write.

The tweet up will connect more Christian Women with each other and will be focusing on “the word for January, Cleanse”. I’m excited about it and can’t wait. You can join the fun and inspiration too! Just click here; all the details are on this page.

It’s not hard to join in on the fun if you have a Twitter account. If not, get one here! You don’t want to miss out on the CWTU!!!

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