My Son Is Now an Adult

Kaleb is stepping into adulthood like most typical teenage boys; he’s got that “I can do what I want attitude” right now, and we keep warning him, it will come back to smack him in the face. He doesn’t believe us. Ha. I guess he’s going to be one to find out the hard way, unfortunately.

As a senior in high school, he’s trying to figure out what he wants to do with his life. He’s thinking about film school or working skiing into a career. He’s an awesome skier and was in the junior Olympics his freshmen year. If he disciplines himself, he definitely could do something with skiing.

Right now, he’s talking about getting a tatoo, and something pierced; his arm? Weird to me, but I guess it’s cool amongst his peers. I don’t have a problem with tatoo’s and piercings, and have told all my kids they do what they want to their bodies when they are 18 and can pay for it themselves. My other son, who is 23, has 3 tatoos and gauges in his ears, and has plans for more tat’s. It will be interesting to see what tatoo Kaleb gets.

My prayer for my son is that he finds his way back to God and that he lives out his calling as an evangelist. This was spoken over him when he was 6, when I first got saved. I know God is faithful and that He is protecting him, so I am keeping the faith that Kaleb will return to God as well.

Happy 18th Birthday Kaleb! I love you!

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