Happy Birthday Jeffrey!

Today, well technically yesterday, December 12, is Jeff’s birthday. We got up around 10AM and went to Traverse City. Jeff had a coupon for one of his favorite restaurants, BD’s Mongolian BBQ, for a free meal! We needed to go during the day because I had an Emmaus meeting at 7 this evening. So, we went and enjoyed a nice lunch with dessert (it came free with the coupon as well!). We only spent $20 on lunch! That’s a steal of a deal, especially for BD’s! And that included the tip!

After lunch we went next door to a new Apple store and looked around and dreamt. We did pick up one stocking stuffer there. Then it was off to the mall for some more dreaming and another stocking stuffer. Jeff also picked out a CD for his BD…lol.

We headed home after stoping at BK to get a drink and arrived about 5:30PM. It was a nice day, just Jeffie and I.

Happy Birthday hun! I love you! Your! Mary Karen

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