Keeping Christ in Christmas!!!

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Here are the answers to my questions:

  • At what age did you recognize you were in need of a Savior?

That’s a loooong question to answer but the short answer is I found the true Christ at age 32.

  • Who shared the Gospel with you (you don’t have to share names unless you just want to)?

My great friends and co-workers at the time: David, Rhonda and Lori

  • What was your first reaction when you heard the Gospel for the first time?

Again a loooong answer but the short answer is I was amazed how deceived and brainwashed I was and was happy to finally be seeing and knowing the truth.

  • How long did it take you to understand Jesus is the only Savior, repent and trust Him with your life?

Not long, I’ve always known that, I just had to get out of a cult religion.

  • How often do you share the Gospel with others?

As often as I can. I’m not ashamed of the Gospel and am very open about my beliefs with everyone.

  • What plans do you have to become more committed to sharing salvation in Christ with others?

Continue living my life for Christ and letting His light shine through me.

  • What scares you the most about sharing the Gospel and what Scriptures have helped you overcome those fears?

I just get sad when others don’t understand how or why I love God the way I do. If they would only allow Christ in their lives, then they too would understand. But, so many are closed off and simply won’t allow their creator in their lives.

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