Election Day-51 days to Christmas

I just want to say that I love keeping a count down to Christmas! It helps me stay focused getting prepared for the Holidays! I’ve been scoping out stores for sale items.  Rite Aide has some Holiday home decor 50% off! I didn’t need any of it, but I thought that was awesome having Christmas stuff on sale BEFORE Christmas!

So, here I sit, laptop on lap, typing this blog post, watching the election results on Fox, Twittering and Blipping, praying Obama does not win the election.  I think the man is a terrorist in disguise.  I know Jeff thinks that’s a bit of a strong statement, but it is how I feel.  He came out of nowhere and his background is scary, and honestly a bit unknown.  But, even if he does win, I know it’s in God’s hands.  God’s Word says that He appoints the national leaders and sets them in place for His purpose, so if Obama does win, I know it’s in God’s hands I trust in Him! If McCain wins, that too is in God’s hands.

I think I will post more AFTER the election.

Adios for now!

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