Chosen Youth Conference ’08

It’s Sunday after the Chosen Youth Conference. It’s a little after 9pm. I am very tired, yet I blog.  Why? Because this year’s Chosen Youth Conference was AWESOME!!!  For now, here are a few of the testimonies we heard:

  • Does Chosen partner with Acquire the Fire? This conference is so well run that we thought it was part of ATF.  (the answer is no, Chosen is not part of ATF, although Chosen supports ATF and vice-versa)
  • That was very informative; just what I needed; I really enjoyed that (said by youth pastors and youth leaders after the youth pastor breakout session)
  • The pace is very well organized; perfect for teens (mentioned by a youth pastor)
  • Most of our teens have stayed in the auditorium the whole time; they have not gone wondering around the venue during the messages (a youth leader referring to the teens in her youth group)
  • My daughter and her friend can’t wait to come back next year!

Those are just some that I personally heard.  I know there are more and after I get together with the other coordinators I know there will be more, by teens themselves especially.

The venue holds 1100 people, and we were filled with 900! We already have almost 300 registered for next years event which will be held in the same place, for now.  So, if you’d like more information, or would like to purchase tickets for next year’s event before it sells out, click here.

Once I get them, I will put up some pics!

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