The 4 week mark

Dylan was 4 weeks old yesterday! My how time flies! He’s doing really well. At his last weigh in, about a week ago, he was up to 8 and 1/2 pounds. He’s had a little jaundice, but it’s going down now. They had Trisha pump for 48 hours and feed him formula to make sure it was just the bacteria from breast milk (which is common I guess?) and not some other serious issue. During that 48 hour period, his bilirubin dropped from 13.9 to 11, so they were satisfied and Trisha could start breast feeding again, and they don’t need to do anything further.

Dylan is becoming more and more alert and is starting to follow people walking by. He’s focusing on faces more and loves it when you talk to him or sing to him. He loves to be swaddled and usually when he is fussy that’s what it takes to calm him down.

He is very strong and holds his head up very well! He puts his lips together like he’s going to whistle, so I’m sure he will be “cooing” soon. Right now it looks like he’s going to have blue eyes. They are bright blue! I think he’s going to have thick, blondish hair. Of course, all this is too soon to tell, but that’s my guess for now.

Ethan loves Dylan and gives him kisses and hugs him without any prompting. Actually, if we try to get Ethan to kiss Dylan, he won’t. I think they will be great brothers! We can already tell Dylan has a different personality than Ethan. Ethan is very sanguine, outgoing, loud, cute, likes to be center of attention. Dylan seems much more laid back. But, hey, that could all change! After all, he’s only 4 weeks old…ha. Tomorrow, on the 11th, he will be 1 month old. I am babysitting them tonight so Trisha and Ben can have a date night, so I will hopefully get some pics to post of the cutest grandbabies EVER! LOL.

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