Happy Halloween!

Although Halloween will be over in about 20 minutes (at the time I’m writing this), in the spirit of 100 days to Christmas and getting ready for the Holidays, I thought I’d write about Halloween 2008~my experience.
Jeff is working (till midnight), Brandon, Karlie and friends went to a Christian rock concert downstate and Trisha and the boys went trick or treating in Petoskey with my ex-husband’s family because her uncle is moving to North Carolina soon. So, I was left all alone. Now, normally I don’t mind being left all alone, it gives me time to write! But, I didn’t want to be in the house all alone on Halloween, and I didn’t want to give out candy all alone.
So I hooked up with my friend, boss, and partner in crime, Sandy. We went to her mom’s house in Gaylord and handed out candy for a bit.  I got to meet some of her family and we saw a few people we knew.  Then we went to the post office to get some Chosen tickets out in the mail and then we headed to her house to go hot-tubbin’. It was awesome!  Warm, relaxing and good conversation while watching the stars! I needed it.  
So, it wasn’t your typical Halloween, but it was fun.  I hope my daughter took lots of pics of my grandson’s in their costumes.  If she did, I will post them later.
Happy Halloween!
55 days till Christmas!

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