God is moving in the Chosen Youth Conference

As some of you may or may not know, I am involved with the Chosen Youth Conference. The conference is a week from today and the cut-off for getting tickets at a reduced rate ends today. We’ve also had contests on the local radio station, Northern Christian Radio and Smile.fm. Today we received a very awesome story from one of the listeners at NCRadio.

“I just have to share our unbelievable God experience this morning…We live north of Harbor Springs, but can’t pick up NCR from home. We can only get it in our vehicles. We are monthly supporters and love what you do even though we can’t listen all the time. We have 2 daughters (aged 13 and 12) and work very hard at teaching them that giving to God is first and foremost with the financial blessings that we recieve.

My oldest daughter, Sara, has been wanting to go to the Chosen conference, but I have not felt led to purchase a ticket for her. I kept assuring her that she could go, but that I just was sensing that I shouldn’t buy a ticket in advance. As only God can do, we were able to pick up NCR on our Super Radio at home this morning. We have lived in this house for almost 4 years and have NEVER been able to get your station. Of course I know God’s purpose – Sara won 2 tickets to Chosen this morning!!! It allowed us to show the girls how amazingly God gives back when you are faithful and a good steward of your money. Sara is on cloud 9 today and is feeling incredibly blessed! I can almost assure you that when I turn on the radio when we get home from school today, we won’t be able to get NCR. I can only shake my head and praise God!!!I pray that your day is touched by God even more abundantly than ours has been today!”

I, too, have an awesome story from yesterday when taking a ticket order over the phone:

A church in St. Louis Michigan, New Beginnings Ministries, ordered the buy 10 get one free tickets, and as we were closing our conversation, I mentioned that Chosen was offering 2 additional free tickets to help churches and youth ministries reach out to those who might not be able to afford a ticket to Chosen. The lady was shocked! She said, “Are you serious? That’s such a God thing because we are a mission based church and most of our kids are from broken homes or single parent homes, and we even have some foster kids. We’ve been raising money by collecting pop-cans for the last two months for Chosen. This is such a God thing because there are a couple of kids that fell short of what they were supposed to raise, but now they will be able to come and we may have enough money to buy another ticket or two at the door”.

Then today, as I shared the story with James Scheer, he was so moved by the testimony that he had me call the church back and offer them free registrations for any more students they may have that wouldn’t be able to pay. So, I called, while fighting back the tears, and the youth leader was blown away because she did have 6 more students that she had to tell yesterday that they wouldn’t be able to go. The tickets being bought by this youth ministry have come out of the pockets of the youth leader and her husband and they simply could not afford to purchase any more due to the fact that she just had 2 surgery’s in October (and she’s still bringing a group of teens to the conference-amazing!)

Isn’t God so amazing how he is moving through this conference to reach those who need it most! Praise God for all he is doing through Chosen and through all those involved!

If you want to come to the Chosen Youth Conference or get more information, please visit the website or leave a comment on this blog. God bless!

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