Why Should Teens and Youth Leaders Attend the Chosen Youth Conference?

First of all, what is the Chosen Youth Conference? Obviously it’s a conference for youth, but it is more than that.  It is not just another big teen event with bands and speakers created to draw a big crowd of teens, get them fired up for a weekend, then send them home just to go back to doing the same things they’ve always done. 

The vision of the Chosen Youth Conference is to have students and adults alike have a life-changing encounter with God, like never before. All of the bands and speakers at Chosen will be performing and speaking on the issues that teens and youth leaders are facing right now and how they can be over-comers, enabling a closer relationship with God. When teens and youth leaders leave the Chosen Youth Conference, they will be equipped with the tools necessary to be an over-comer in their schools, communities and youth ministries that will not fade away after a week or two.

How do I know this? Because I attended last year’s Chosen Youth Conference and I’ve seen great changes in my 16 year old daughter that I know come from the things she heard at the conference.  She still talks about some of the messages she heard from both speakers and musicians. And yes, I help (voluntarily) with some of the administrative duties for the conference, but I would not even begin to work for an organization that I did not believe in. And I believe in the Chosen Youth Conference for both students and youth leaders.

Go to ChosenNow.com, check out the videos, read the bios from the speakers and musicians, and register your youth group, students, family or church friends for this life-changing event.

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