Grandson Number 2 Arrived Today!

Here are the highlights:  I will post a more detailed story later, but wanted to get some info and pics up now.

Baby Stefanic number 2, (called so because he does not have a name as of yet!) was born at 6:44 pm, today, September 11.  Weighing in at 7 lbs. 3 oz., he is cute as a button!  I didn’t even get his length, bad Nana!  Ethan already loves him! 

Trisha’s labor was much shorter than with Ethan, but she had a minor complication afterward.  Baby boy was sunny side up and when he came through he knicked her cervix so she had a small tear in it, which was oozing non-stop.  So, they had to call in a surgeon to stitch it up.  We all were a little nervous about what was happening because we didn’t have much information.  Finally the midwife came in and told us what was going on.  Jeff, Ben’s parents, my mom, and Ben’s brother and his wife, were all there, waiting patiently, faithfully, to hear that everything was okay. 

Finally we were allowed to go back in the room.  We took some more pics, got to see the baby bathed for the first time, then we helped move Trisha to her room for the remainder of her stay.  It was a fulfilling day.

P9110019 Here he is! Baby Boy Stefanic, number 2.  (I can’t wait till he has a name!)

P9110022 Ethan hugging his mama! Awe!

P9110028 Awe! Here he looks a lot like Ethan.

P9300011 For comparison, this is Ethan fresh out of the womb!

P9110034 And back to baby boy number 2

P9110055 Nana holding her new grandson for the very first time!

P9110057 Papa Jeff and …

P9110058 Auntie Karlie

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