Trying a New Blog Tool – Blog Editor on Flock

What is Flock? It is a social media web browser. I’ve had it for a few hours now, but have only had a few minutes to fiddle with it.  It supports almost all your favorite social media sites, except myspace.  It’s cool looking and seems pretty easy to use so far, but like I said, I’ve only had a few minutes to play with it. 

As I’m typing this, I’m using the blog editor. It’s nothing that fancy, I think I like Windows Live Writer better.

I do like that there is a flickr photo stream across the top of the browser, and the fact that all my twitter and facebook updates are all in one place!!! I just wish myspace was supported there too.

Well, I will keep messing around with it and let you all know what I think!

Blogged with the Flock Browser
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