A Relaxing 4th of July

This 4th of July was spent relaxing. My daughter’s husband’s brother’s mother-in-law (did ya get all that???) cleans a cottage by the lake, so the owner’s allow her to use it a couple of weeks in the summer. This year they invited our family over to spend the day at the beach.  (I have been friend’s with Ben’s mother-in-law for several years now myself and even helped clean the cottages with her a few years ago.) I was wanting a nice and relaxing Holiday weekend, and that’s just what it was.  Jeff had to work during the day, so he wasn’t there for the most part, but came out after he got off work.

Kara, Karlie, Alyssa and I headed over to Thumb Lake about noon. When we arrived there were people in the kitchen and out by the beach.  We headed right for the beach, after dropping off our food in the kitchen.  Karlie and I snagged up the double float right away, and hung out on that for at least an hour. It was fun!  Then we got out and laid in the sun for quite some time. I took some photos of Alyssa and Ethan, which are oh-so-cute. We hit the hot tub too, which Alyssa LOVED.

About 7ish we headed back to the house to shower and get ready to watch the fire works in Boyne City.  They were awesome fireworks, with the best grand finale I’ve ever seen. Mom, Jenny and the boys came out as well as a bunch of the cottage clan.

Here are some of the photos from the day:

P7040001  This is Trisha and Ethan. His little tushy is so cute! LOL!








P7040005 Ethan with his Nemo life jacket/swim rings.








Alyssa, little beach baby!









Me and Alyssa, watching the fireworks.








My nephews, Cory and Gary.








Cute little Stefanic family!

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