The Big Ticket Festival

Well, the weekend is finally here. "What?" you say.  It’s only Wednesday, or if you don’t read this till tomorrow, Thursday.  Not quite the weekend there.  No, I know it’s not officially the weekend, but tomorrow does start, for some of us, a big weekend here in Northern Michigan, particularly Gaylord.  It’s the Big Ticket Festival.

I am a volunteer for the Big Ticket, along with my family and several other church members.  The Big Ticket is a Christian Music event put on right here in our very own town, Gaylord. Not only are some of the biggest names in Christian Music going to be playing, but some really well known speakers as well.

The Big Ticket was first put on in Gaylord 2 years ago, in 2006.  I did not volunteer to help out that year, but rather just enjoyed all the shows. Last year, however, I and my family chose to volunteer to help out.  We worked in the prayer tent.  Actually I was "in charge" of scheduling all the volunteers for the prayer tent. It was fun, interesting and somewhat challenging, and I enjoyed every minute of it. 

This year, my family and I are volunteering in the Chosen Youth Conference booth.  The Chosen Youth Conference is a conference in the fall that our youth pastor is the founder of. I also volunteer and help out with Chosen.  Last year, the first Chosen Conference, I was "in charge" of the registration table, database creation and maintenance.  So this fall I will be helping out again, but not sure exactly where.  Probably registration again.  Anyway, we will be promoting Chosen at the Big Ticket and I am in charge of gathering up volunteers for the booth and promotion out amongst the crowds.  We also will help with the altar calls Friday and Saturday nights.

Tomorrow is the meeting for all the volunteers at 6:00 PM, so in my book, it’s the beginning of the Big Ticket weekend.  I’m excited! Especially because one of my favorite musicians, Toby Mac, is playing!  Of course, the Newsboys will be there, and they are an all time favorite too!

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