Tagged For Another Blog Meme

I was tagged for another meme by my friend Tishia (of course).

What Was I Doing 10 Years Ago?
Ten years ago??? Let’s see that was 1998. June of 1998, I was a fairly new Christian, attending Northern Lights Christian Fellowship in Vanderbilt, Karlie was 6, Kaleb 7, Brandon 12 and Trisha 13. I was still married to their father. I was hanging out with my best friend, Rhonda, lots in her trailer in Vanderbilt. And that is the summer I went to New Mexico to help my mom move to Michigan.

5 Things On My To-Do List Today:
1. Work at my part time job 10 to 6
2. Update my blogs, www.marylutz.org and this one 🙂
3. Visit Trisha and Ethan this evening
4. Work on ProVBS tonight when I get home
5. Plant new plants and flowers I finally got from a school fundraiser (if it doesn’t rain.)

Snacks I Enjoy:
Nuts of all kinds! Especially cashews and almonds
Cheese, cheddar preferrably
Wheat Thins

Things I Would Do If I Were A Billionaire:
Do what God tells me to do for his Kingdom
Give my church the money it needs to fix the new building (see www.gcclife.com for more info on that!)
Move my sister and her family up here and buy them a house.
Buy us a bigger house!!!
Get Jeff a Honda Element
Buy me either a Honda Pilot (8 seater) or a good SUV that seats 8
Buy Karlie, Kaleb and Kara their own cars for tooling around
Pay off Brandon’s fines
Send all my kids to college
Buy Ben and Trisha a new, bigger house
Buy Ben and Trisha new cars
Invest the rest so we can retire soon!
Travel to all the places I love but don’t have the money to do so

Places I Have Lived:
Oh mylanta! This could get looooong!
Las Cruces New Mexico (several times – born and raised there, moved back there lots after living in the following places)
Virginia City Nevada
El Paso Texas
Waco Texas (twice even, if you can imagine that!)
Spokane Washington
Hobbs New Mexico
Boyne Falls Michigan (twice)
Gaylord Michigan (but I moved like 6 times in Gaylord…lol)

I tag the following…
Lisa, Jeff and whomever else would like to do it!

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