My Baby is 16!

Karlie Today is Karlie Krystine McNamara’s 16th birthday! It’s so hard to believe she’s 16! Some people think she’s older because she is tall and beautiful. Okay, maybe I’m biased…nahhhh! She is beautiful.

Karlie wanted to redecorate her room, so that’s what we got her as her present; paint for her walls, new bedding, a new mirror, and a new light fixture.  I will take pics as soon as we get it painted.

We are also making her favorite dinner, chicken quesadillas and for dessert we are having chocolate mint cream pie…yum!

So, how do I feel about my baby turning 16? Old.  It’s weird.  My oldest is 24 with baby number 2 on the way, then I have a son who is 23, another son who is 17 and Karlie.  It doesn’t seem like I should have kids that old.

My niece, 20, has a 5 month old baby and is always remarking how fast she is growing.  I tell her to get used to it because they don’t stop and before you know it she will be 24 with baby number 2 on the way!

That’s the way it’s been ever since I had kids, life has gone by faster and faster, year after year. It’s crazy.  It’s crazy that I’m 43 (I know, I know, you’re amazed. You thought I was only 33!) and that I’m a grandma and that my baby girl is 16! It blows my mind!

On Saturday, Karlie goes to take her driver’s test. Yikes! No, she’s a good driver, Jeff and I are just trying to help build her confidence. We’re pretty sure she will pass just fine. Then on Monday we will go get her license. Yikes! That will be the hard part, the first time she takes the car out alone! I think we’ll start off with baby steps; letting her take it to the corner market, or into Boyne City (6 miles away); then perhaps we will let her venture farther from home.  What a scary thought.

Next big one is Kaleb’s 18th birthday in September. Oh wait, Trisha turns 25 in November.  I can’t handle it! Too many in one year!!!!

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