My Baby Got Her Driver’s License

Well, today was the day! Saturday, Karlie had her road test.  I tell you, that is the most nerve-wracking thing, sitting in the back seat, quietly, while your child is being tested on their newly acquired driving skills.  I always get so nervous for my kids during their road tests.  When I rode with Trisha 8 years ago, I remember being just as nervous. Same with Kaleb a year ago. Now my baby.  Why is it so nerve-wracking for me?  I think because I really want them to do well and I know there are some areas they still need to work on, and no one wants to see their child fail – at anything!

Karlie did well though.  First they test parking – backing into a parking spot and then parallel.  Karlie did great on the backing, but on the parallel she had to pull forward once, but she still passed it. (If you don’t pass the parking, then you don’t go onto the road test.)

Onto the road test. She did really good for the most part. There were just a couple of issues the instructor went over with her, but she passed! She was so excited!

So today we took her to get her driver’s license.  Right now she and her friend Ashley are out taking pictures by the lake. She also drove herself to worship team practice.

It will be weird letting her go, but she is growing up now!

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