Update on the landscaping

In one of my previous posts I mentioned that we are landscaping our lawn for our "foster" daughter’s graduation party.  This is just a little update 🙂

So far we’ve gotten the lattice up around the deck, added landscape timbers for a border around a flower bed of lilies, put up lattice around the front porch, fertilized the lawn with Weed and Feed, raked out and shoveled the "woodsy" area, dug out old shrubbery along the side and front of the house, cut down the big ugly tree, raked the side yard and hauled the rakage into a different woodsy area, dug out an old flower bed made with railroad ties, and filled some bare spots with the dirt from the old flower bed. Whew! It’s been some hard work, but boy is it refreshing and fun! I love it and as soon as it’s all done I will take some pics and post them.

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