I attended a funeral today for an elderly couple. That’s right an elderly couple. Velva Baker passed away Saturday morning and then her husband died yesterday. They made a pact that they would go together and together they went!

Velva and I attended the same church a few years ago and she lived in the same small town we do. I haven’t seen her in a few years, but every Mother’s Day I am reminded of her. Why? Because she always, always had most, if not all, of her kids and grand kids in church on Mother’s Day, and she always sang a song! Velva loves to sing and she can even yodel which she proudly did!

I found out at the funeral that she had just found out about a month ago that she had colon cancer and as I understand, it was stage 4 when they found it. Her husband, Smokey, had been battling cancer for about a year. Pastor Dave Hugger, my old pastor and friend, was the officiator and he stated that Velva told the doctor’s that they weren’t telling her when she was going, but that it was up to God. God’s timing was perfect! For both Velva and Smokey! He knew their heart’s desires and he blessed them!

They are both in heaven right now, polka-ing, singing, and probably teaching the angels to yodel, as one of their family members mentioned!

We couldn’t serve a better God than one who blesses us throughout our lives and also at the very end!

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