The Last Couple of Days

I haven’t posted in a couple of days because, A. Wednesday was youth ministry day. I spend all day Wednesday in Gaylord; first coffee at Brother’s with some of the other youth leaders, then I go to the church and get the registration table ready for youth group and work on anything else James needs me to do. If I get done early, I either come home (which I did not do this week), or I run my errands in Gaylord (which is what I did this week). Jeff and Brandon were in G-town also, and went golfing at Treetops. I went shopping! I’ve been looking for a brown, ribbed tank top to wear under a specific shirt I got at Aeropostale at Birch Run. I found a brown tank top, although not ribbed, at Maurices, and I got another cute top, because everything was buy one get one 1/2 off. I also picked up two pair of flip-flops and two t-shirts at Old Navy because they had their two-for $18 sale. I’m a sucker for a sale! I think I need shop-aholics anonymous!!! Then Wednesday night was youth group, and then the last 1/2 of American Idol. We record AI every week on Tuesdays but for some reason, our DVR won’t record Wednesday nights…sucks! Jeff has tried to reset the recording, changed how it records, weekly vs. regularly, etc., but for some reason, it doesn’t like to record on Wednesday night, and that’s when we need it the most! (need it, mind you!….LOL)
B. Thursday, yesterday, I didn’t get on the computer at all!!! My day started with taking the girls to school (as always). I was really tired when I got up, and didn’t feel so well, so when I got back, I went back to bed. Just as my head hit the pillow, I heard the sound of shutting doors. I was thinking “who is here??” Then I heard my mom’s voice shouting “Mary!”. I got up and went downstairs and Mom and I ended up chatting until 1:00 in the afternoon! Then Trisha came over and she and I cleaned and re-organized the family room, the kitchen and the office! I loved the help!!!
Part of re-organizing the kitchen entailed organizing the pantry, which I love (I don’t love the pantry, I love that it is now organized!) We put can goods and peanut butter on the top shelf; breakfast foods on the second; pasta and side dishes on the third; snacks and desserts on the fourth and the bottom shelf contains all my Revival Soy products. It looks very nice, and is easier to find what you’re looking for. Our pantry is small, and the shelves don’t pull out or anything, and if you can’t see what’s in there, it never gets eaten, and I end up throwing tons of stuff away! I’m going to look into some pull out shelving for it in the near future.
So, here I am, playing catch up with my VA business stuff, my personal blog, emails, etc.!

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