More organization and organic stuff

I had to go to Petoskey to do some errands, so while I was at Glen’s, I checked out their organic isle. They had pretty much the same stuff as Boyne City’s Glen’s, but they had a few different brands, as well. So, I picked up some more chips, because the girls have been taking them for lunch, and some more juices. We’ve been drinking more juice than pop lately anyway, and the beverages always need to be re-supplied. When I got home and started putting away the groceries, I decided I needed to organize the fridge, since my pantry was so nicely reorganized! So, I put milk and other beverages on top, eggs, tortillas and bread products on the 2nd, the third has left-overs, meat I need to split up and re-package, and the fourth has all the pickles, sour cream and other products in a tub. Of course the deli-drawer has cheese and lunch meat, and the fruits and veggies drawer have, well, fruits and veggies!

The frustrating thing is I haven’t been able to find any organic meat, so I’ve been buying the leanest meats I can find. I will probably have to go to Jo Jo’s Natural Market or the Grain Train to find some organic meat.

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