Mission Trip to Nigeria – post 4

Sunday, March 30
Happy Birthday Brandon! Kaleb is leaving for London today! Lord, I pray you keep him safe and that he finds his way back to you on this trip.

Sara and I have on our African attire. [[I don’t have any pics of it yet, but will add some as soon as I get a cd of all the pics taken from Denny’s camera and Luke’s. I hope I get that tomorrow at church.]] We have about 1/2 hour before we have to go meet everyone in Denny and Clarke’s room at 9:00 am.

Last night we went to the church service at the Church of Solutions, I think it’s called. We were late due to traffic. Sara, Denny and I walked into the service as Zach was leading Praise and Worship. We had to go right up front. Sara joined in with Zach for Praise and Worship, while Denny and I made our way near James and the Pastor of the church. Zach had the place jumping! It was awesome!

When Zach got here [Nigeria], he was really home sick and wasn’t sure about the whole thing. But, after last night, he’s feeling better. James’ message was really good – about our destiny that God created us for. Afterward was an altar call and everyone came up for prayer. EVERYONE! The whole team prayed for the people. Most of the people I prayed over was just a general prayer for God to lead them to their destiny. But, I had 2 people with specific requests. One was a woman; she told me she was pregnant and having pain and her feet were swelling. So, I prayed for healing for her, and while I was praying, the power of the Holy Spirit came over her. It was the first time I’ve ever prayed over someone and saw the manifestation of the Holy Spirit. It was cool and yet scary at the same time!

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