My Dream

I just woke up from a nap! I had to get up at 6:15 this morning to get the final shot for my trip to Africa – Yellow Fever. When we went last week, they were out of the vaccine for Yellow Fever, but the next day we got a call that they were getting some in, so the 6 of us headed for the Infectious Diseases Center in Petoskey. It was very stingy! After breakfast at Big Boy and a visit to our friend Kim’s apartment, James dropped me off at home. I pretty much went upstairs and took a nice nappy!

I had the coolest dream I’ve ever had!!! Now, the doctor told us last week that the medication for Malaria would give us vivid dreams or even nightmares, and if we took it during the day we might have hallucinations! It’s a once a week pill, and I don’t take my 2nd dose until tonight, so I don’t know if this dream is a result of that medicine or not…anyway, it was really cool! Hopefully I can paint the picture for you here as well as I saw it in my dream.

My whole family (my mom, Jeff and I, all 4 of my kids, including Ben and Ethan, Kara and Alyssa, Brianna, my sister, her hubby and her kids and grandkids) all went to see my Aunt Ann and Uncle Jim in Albuquerque, NM. I don’t know how we got there, flew or drove, but it doesn’t matter. We were all there. The only ones I don’t remember seeing there were my nephew Dustin and my brother Cory and his wife, but his kids were there. Everyone in my family and Jeff’s were there (his parents, sister and her boy entourage)! Even my family from Texas was there (all my dad’s brothers and sisters and their kids and grandkids, etc. etc.). There were people everywhere! All my cousins, even Jamie, and all their kids.

I remember getting there and we had to change our clothes because we were in travel clothes and this was a “dress-up” occasion! I don’t know what the occasion was exactly, but everyone was in fancy dresses and suits! I put on a beautiful, ankle length white summer dress, sleeveless, with tiny red rosebuds all over it. It was made of linen also. It was straight in style, but flowed slightly, and didn’t cling. In this dream I was in first person, so I could look down and see my dress and feet. At first I think I had sandals on, with nylons, but as the day wore on, I was then in my stocking feet, as was everyone else, due to all the dancing we were doing!

I vaguely remember entering the house, but it was beautiful! Now, my Aunt’s house in real life is beautiful, but this house was even more spectacular! The entrance was a double-door, made of a dark wood, probably cherry or something fancy like that, and it opened up into this beautiful big open room! There was a half-wall on each side, made of brick, and on the other side of each of the walls were sunken rooms, so you could stand and look over the wall down into the rooms. On the left side of the hall-like walkway, was a family room, with beautiful chairs, couches and tables. People were gathered in there, sitting and chatting. This is the first room I remember entering. Aunt Ann and Uncle Jim were there, and there was a small tv. On the tv we were watching a video of Grandma and Grandpa (my mom’s mom and dad) when they were young, and still married. They were so happy! In my dream I saw them exactly how I remember them, when they were younger (from pictures). In the video in my dream they were swinging, and laughing. I think my Grandma was pushing Grandpa on the swing. It was black and white too. I remember asking my Uncle Jim if I could have a copy of it.

The next room I remember being in, was the dining area. It was not sunken like the family room, and if you kept going straight after entering the house, through the half-walls, it was at the end opposite the front doors. There was a big, beautiful table, and it appeared to be made of gold. There were about 10 chairs around the table, and they matched the table. There was a white lace table cloth over the table, but the whole dining room seemed to glow. It was amazing! I don’t remember spending any time there in my dream, only seeing it’s beauty!

I remember walking outside, in the lawn, with the big, beautiful trees, with full leaves, it obviously was summer. There was a pond out back, or a small lake, and I remember Karlie and Brianna were there most of the time. I vaguely remember that they were sitting on either a big tree branch that hung over the water or on a dock that was in the water. But they both looked so peaceful and happy. They liked staying near the water, being outside.

Back inside, I remember walking around the house, seeing all my family members, and they were all so happy and peaceful! I remember talking to my cousin Jamie and asking him how he was doing. (He’s been in prison for the last several years.) He was happy, and he looked good, and he was completely healed from his problem!

I remember seeing Jeff’s parents there. I don’t remember talking to them, but we definitely saw them and they were happy. That is how I remember seeing most of the people in my dream. I didn’t talk to them all, but they appeared well, happy and peaceful.

The house was amazingly beautiful. There were plaques in bronze and gold on the walls, and the whole house seemed to glow everywhere you looked. Around the entire upper floor, there was a walkway where you could stand and look over the whole house. There were doors to all the bedrooms off the walkway and the railing was made of dark wood and gold. There were beautiful chandeliers, and lighting throughout the house, of crystal and gold. The linens and table clothes were lacy and white. I remember a lot of light blue in the house too; maybe the ceiling was light blue, like the sky. There was a sense of peace and joy throughout the house and in everyone there. There was no strife, no gossip, no arguing. Everyone was at peace.

The last room I remember, and the end of my dream, was in the ballroom area, that was on the right side of the half-walled walkway. It was a big, open floor with two steps down into it. The floor was gold and black marble. I remember Trisha was there with Ethan, and they were dancing. It was so cute. My mom, Jeff, Kara, Karlie, Bri and I all were in the ballroom, in our stocking feet, watching the dancers. I remember looking at my feet and I noticed my stockings were holey and full of runs. Then I looked at everyone else’s and their’s were too, so we all agreed to take them off and be barefoot! Then we all danced!

That was it. I feel like it was heaven. When I was writing this, I sort of felt like John writing Revelation! I don’t know if it was a dream from God or from the Malaria medicine, but I really enjoyed it! I think it’s the best dream I’ve ever had!

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