Mission Trip to Nigeria Africa

In my previous post, I mentioned that I’m going to Africa, and I suppose that was the first time I mentioned it (as Lisa Block noted in her comment on that post). I guess I didn’t realize I haven’t posted about it! Oh my, how could that happen?!? It’s always on my mind and I’m so excited about it!

Here’s the scoop: Pastor James began an internship through the church to raise up young people into the ministry or just help them find their calling. One of the requirements was a mission trip. Pastor James has a connection with Denny Freeman, who has been going to Nigeria for a few years now with a gentleman, Clarke Coleman, Walk By Faith Ministries, who has been going for YEARS! Since there were only 2 interns, there was room for more to go, and since I am James’ administrative assistant, I was asked if I wanted to go. Well of course I want to go. But, I wanted it not to be my desire to go (which it has been ever since I can remember!), but God’s calling on my life. When Pastor James asked me about that very thing, whether it was just my desire to go, or if it was my calling, I told him that I had been praying about it, and that if I had Jeff’s blessing to go, then I knew I was supposed to go. That would have been the biggest obstacle (or the closed door, if you will) to which I would have had to say “No” to Africa. But, right when I asked Jeff about it, he immediately responded, “yes!” I was so happy and excited.

So, since then, that was about November, we have been getting all the details narrowed down, like passports, visa’s, the flight and shots. We go for the shots next week, which I am not really looking forward to, but it won’t be that bad!

The other thing I have to do is fund-raise! I’ve emailed a letter to a few of my family and friends, but I need to get one out in the mail to those that don’t have email.

But, if you would like to donate to this special cause, you can mail a check to Gaylord Community Church, payable to the same, PO Box 691, Gaylord, MI 49734. If you would like your donation to be tax deductible, earmark your envelope, NOT the check , Mary-Lutz, Africa. You should do that anyway, so they know which account to put it in.

We will be flying out March 27 from Detroit to Atlanta, where we will meet up with Clarke. Then we have a straight shot from Atlanta to Lagos, Nigeria.

The vision of this specific trip is a youth crusade! All of us that are going are very involved in the youth ministry, so we will be ministering to them. I cannot wait!!! We will be able to minister to over 24,000 people, with the Good News of Jesus Christ! How awesome it is to think about that! We will be traveling to other cities in Nigeria, and even the bush! We will have a couple of 3 and 7 hour bus rides to reach these cities. In my head, I am imagining a bus like you see in the movies, rickety and barely able to make it! I don’t know if it will be like that, I hope not, but if it is, then so be it! I know God’s hand is over us, and will protect us!

We will visit an orphange, minister to widows and visit a prison as well. It will be amazing! It will be so exciting to minister to these people who are so hungry for Christ!

Please keep this mission trip lifted in prayer, now and when we go!

God bless!

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