Jan. 31

January 31 was Alyssa’s one month birthday! I totally wanted to get on here and post the videos we took of her and Ethan, but haven’t had the chance till now.

Alyssa is doing everything a one month old should be and more! She is very strong and alert, and growing like a weed! She went to the Dr. last week to get a slight cold she has checked out, and weighed 11.8!!! The cold is slight, and no surprise since everyone else in her little world has been sick! She gags on mucus now and then, which is a little scary, but she does need to get it out of her system! Other than that she is a perfect little girl, with dark brown hair and eyes! Soooo cute!

Ethan is a typical 16 month old BOY! And boy is he all BOY! He does have his gentle side, and is a very loving boy, as you can see in the video, but he is definitely ALL BOY! He loves to climb on everything he can possibly imagine, and everything else is a drum, including the front of the washer and dryer. He speaks “Chinese”, which is what his own little baby language sounds like. He certainly knows what he’s talking about and the rest of us pretend to know! It’s cute. He has been getting frequent ear infections, and appears to have another one now. So, Trisha will take him to the Dr. tomorrow to get it checked out, and hopefully they can figure something out to help him not get them so frequently.

Welp, before this becomes a book, here is the video from Jan. 31!

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