Happy Birthday Ben

Well, today is, yesterday was I should say now that it almost 1:00 am on Tuesday, January 1, 2008, Ben’s birthday. Ben is my son-in-law, father to Ethan and husband to my daughter Trisha!

Ben is 25 years young, a quarter of a century as he so put it today, earlier at work, as I was leaving for the hospital for the birth of my new Great Niece, Alyssa (see post below). (Don’t you love my long sentences???…LOL).

Anyway, fun facts about Ben:

*He is an awesome drummer and musician
*He is a wonderful husband and father
*Ben is a great mechanic
*Ben can be shy at times
*He is cute…(he’ll love that one!)
*He loves God with all his heart
*He is the drummer for The Andy Stefanic Band

Happy Birthday Benny!

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