Alyssa is two weeks old (yesterday)

I wanted to post this yesterday, but couldn’t get to the computer.

Alyssa had her two week checkup yesterday and she is doing awesome! Jeff got to drive Kara to the Dr. for the appointment, and he even got to go in the room with her. Boy, talk about really experiencing (to some degree) what it’s like to have a baby!

She is now 8 lbs. 12 oz., and 20 in. long! She dropped to 7 lbs. 4 oz before coming home from the hospital (her birth weight was 7-14) and now she’s just growing like a weed! The Dr. even commented on how alert and active she is for a two week old. Kara was concerned about her belly button cord, because it was puss-ee (how do you spell that????) and kind of smelly and hadn’t fallen off yet. But, the Dr. said it was just fine and that the record for a cord to stay attached was 186 days and if she got to 187 days to call him so they could call the Guiness Book of World Records! Funny. But, this morning Kara got up with Alyssa before I left for work and announced her cord had fallen off in the night. It looked really good too, her belly button that is.
So, good reports for Alyssa Noel Grace!

Oh, and she is strong! She lifts her head and keeps it lifted for quite a while! And she loves you to talk to her…she looks right at you with those big brown eyes! So cute!!!!

I took some pics last night but they are on the camera at home. I’ll post some tonight hopefully.

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