Jeff was talking to his parents Christmas day, and was commenting on all the little kids that were at our house for Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Let’s see there was our Grandson, Ethan – just shy of 15 months old, our nephew, Tyler – just shy of 8 months, Gary, our nephew – just turned 3 on Dec. 11 and Cory, our nephew, who just turned 4 on Oct. 28. The thought was about how Jeff and I have chosen not to have a baby of “our own” together, but, how he’s been blessed with all these other babies and has gotten to experience, somewhat, what it’s like to have a baby around. Ethan has stayed the night with us a few times, so he’s even experienced what it’s like to have a baby keep you up at night. LOL. And he’s even experience what it’s like to wait for a baby to be born. When Trisha was in labor with Ethan, we went to the hospital at 3 in the morning, and while Jeff didn’t go in the labor room, he waited patiently in the waiting room until she delivered him around 6 am. And he got to go see him right after he was born. And now, my niece, Kara, who is due any day, and since she moved up here to Michigan when she was just about 4 months pregnant, he’s gotten to experience watching 2 bellies grow with babies (Kara’s and Trisha’s).

I don’t know why I was thinking about this right now, other than it came up at Christmas with all the kids running around and how much we’ve enjoyed watching Ethan grow from a newborn to the rambunctious 15 month old he is now. We can’t wait to see more exciting adventures from the little ones! LOL.

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