Monthly update

That’s what it seems to be with me and blogging, about one a month. Anywho! Things have been going well, for the most part. We’ve been busy running the kids around and trying to arrange schedules, vehicles and drivers! Karlie is now taking driver’s ed, and Kaleb is driving, which is very helpful. It would be more helpful if we had a 3rd vehicle! God will provide our needs he said, so somehow, someway, it will work out!

One very exciting thing going on right now is our Capital Campaign at church! For those reading who don’t know what’s been going with our new church building over the last year, here is a shortened (hopefully) version:

May of 2006, about 3 weeks before we were supposed to move into the new building, someone noticed the roof was sagging. So, they had it inspected and found it to be uninhabitable. The inspectors condemned anyone from entering the new facility. Come to find out, it was a design flaw by the architect. Well, after much research, the building committee found out we could not sue the architect because he had no assets to sue for. So, after bringing in outside help from some gentlemen who have helped other churches with similar problems we have entered into this Capital Campaign. The basis for it is, one, the parable of the talents that Jesus spoke of in the book of Matthew. The other basis for the idea was from the 1 red paper clip. This particular person felt he couldn’t afford to buy a home, and he had this large red paperclip. He put in on an on-line buying service to see what he could trade for it. The first thing he traded it for was a pen in the shape of a fish. He traded that pen up, then traded that item up, and so on, until after 14 trades he had his home!!! So, with those two concepts in mind, the members of Gaylord Community Church are doing the same thing, or something similar. Some are using the Red Paper Clip idea and trading up till they have something really big to sell, and others are using their “talents” to sell items. For instance, our team is making T-shirts (something along the lines of “I helped save Gaylord Community Church). One of our team members has T-shirt making equipment, so we can make them at about 3 or 4 dollars a shirt and sell them for $12. Oh, I should mention that when people started hearing of our dilemma, an anonymous person donated $8,000 to our church, and from that we got 80-$100 bills, and whoever wanted to take one of the bills (or more) could do so to increase that $8000! Our team took 4 or 5 to buy the T-shirts and supplies. My son, Brandon, is very artistic and is working on some different designs for the shirts. They are going to be way cool!!! They will be black t-shirts, and we are sitting down to figure out what sizes, etc. to order. But, it’s all so exciting!!! So, if you are reading this and weren’t aware of our churches dilemma, and would like to make a donation, go to for the information where to send it. You can also go there to get updates on the Kingdom Assignment, and check out the rest of our churches information! Or if you’d like to buy a t-shirt, post a comment here, and I will get your information to send you one! Another cool way to help support this cause, is to purchase a brick with your name or your family name for $100 or more! I can get that info for you as well!

And of course, please be praying for our church and this project. If we don’t get the $800,000 we will lose the church and the property, and we certainly don’t want that to happen!!!

Well, I guess that’s it for now!!! God bless!!!!

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